Video: Gamification of induction - Building your brand experience

Employer Branding

Gamification of induction - Building your brand experience

This webinar will give you an insight of how to incorporate gamification into induction of your employees in order to build a great brand experience.

Induction of Employees or their onboarding can be made into a seamless, fun and rewarding experience for both the employee and the Organisation. In the process, it presents a great way to build the right brand experience for new joinees. 

In this webinar organized by People Matters in association with Change-Inc following points were discussed. The speakers for the webinar were Tamal Bhatia - Founder & CEO, Change-Inc and Payal Nambiar - General Manager HR; Arvind Lifestyle Brands.

  1. Start with the basics - What do you want to leave the employee with?

  2. What can you Gamify?

  3. What is your content?

  4. What sort of a Platform should you use?
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Topics: Employer Branding, #Gamification

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