Video: Driving on digital: Global trends and what it means to India

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Driving on digital: Global trends and what it means to India

Arnab Basu, Partner and Technoloogy Consulting Leader, PwC India, on trends in HR technology, and how they are enabling organizational transformation

Examining the evolving world of technology, Arnab Basu, Partner and Technology Consulting Leader, PwC India articulated that the technological revolution was being propelled by four main technology stakeholders: social, mobile, gamification and analytics. Stressing on the impact of 'social', he also stated that today, social is considered to be a great enabler of communication, which has reduced the distance between organizations and their employees considerably. It has also placed a huge wealth of information within easy reach for organizations that can help in not just spotting prospective candidates, but also analyzing situational behaviors to help gauge temperament at the workplace. According to a recent research revealed that 86 per cent of organizations cannot do without data analytics and that increasing use of social and mobile has propelled an increase in engagement and collaboration between teams across functions and geographies.

During the session, Basu also discussed about using insights from analytical tools and tests for recruitment in terms of reducing the time to fill a particular position and also reduce onboarding time. HR technology can cut onboarding time by 99 per cent with the help of gamification and social technology. Looking at the core of technology adoption and the evolution that it has brought about, he summed up its advantages starting from the low cost of implementation, a comparative increase in production, decreased time to fill a position, onboarding and increase in flexibility. Basu quoted estimated that in three to five years, 60 per cent of the workforce will be temporary, and organizations need to transform with the fact on the back of their minds. Having said that, he stressed that while companies focus on technology, professionals cannot forget the basics of a good organizational structure. Merging new with the old will make this technology adoption worth its while.

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