Video: 3 key points for making your business succesful


3 key points for making your business succesful

Adam Miller, Founder & CEO Cornerstone tells us a few things to keep in mind for setting up or running a business.

Miller points out three things which can have a greater impact on new businesses. He emphasises on culture of the company, whether the culture is by accident or a culture by design, it is imperative for an organisation to develop one proactively. It is necessarily important for smaller businesses as culture keeps the organisation going and also cohesive. The second one that he points out is the focus of the entrepreneurs. For a business person, there are so many opportunities that it becomes imminent to decide where exactly to focus. The entrepreneurs should have a clear set of goals otherwise it will be difficult to sustain or be successful. The third and final point that Miller made is having the passion to do things. Infusing the same passion among people around is important. It doesn’t make sense for businesses to have quick-income approach. Businesses should give time to get established and one should build the organisation to last otherwise it will perish pretty fast.

On HR Tech Market, Miller said there is a huge room for growth in this aspect. And HR tech can be used in any industry and region as it is not used for just corporates but also can be used in governments, schools, non-profit organisations as they are all people-centric. Miller points out that data driven decision making is the next big shift. Moving from tools that manage processes to tools to make decisions – like whom to recruit, which career path should be chosen, what training should one take, or even what are the right ways to reward people—are the things HR Tech is offering.


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