Video: Defining the need and strategy for HR Tech: Humanizing HR

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Defining the need and strategy for HR Tech: Humanizing HR

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As the debate for the adoption of technology in HR takes centre stage, HR professionals are wondering if the function is losing its human touch. Michella Clyde, SAP states that digitization has been the key to improved communication across multi-generational workforces in the recent past and has ushered in increasing flexibility in communication. Technology has also increased inclusiveness in the workplace, removed communication barriers and given the organization an open window to know their employees. However, she stressed on the point that business and HR strategies need to be aligned. For all organizations, people have always driven business but the minute businesses stop relating to their people they fall behind in delivering strategic outcomes. To make the adoption of technology a good change, HR needs to focus on present issues, acquire business knowledge and highlight the financial benefit of their steps to drive high impact of their programs. On similar lines, Shalini Pillai, of KPMG states that in the coming era, every manager will need to include people skills in their portfolio to become people managers. The role of technology will make this transition easy, however companies will need to meaningfully adapt technology solutions so as to not dilute the function. Also, companies will need to identify and define the purpose for both the company and the employees. This exercise will act as the personal touch needed to humanize HR which will be supported by technology to drive towards great efficiency. Along with strategy, companies will also need to keep the business and HR technology adoption in sync to ensure that business and functional maturity is in sync.

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