Video: People Matters State of HR Technology India 2019-20 @ #TechHRIn 2019

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People Matters State of HR Technology India 2019-20 @ #TechHRIn 2019

Here's a session by Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters, where she shed light on the People Matters State of HR Technology India 2019-20 report which provides actionable data based on insights from more than 250 respondents across 208 leading corporates on how they evolved in their digital transformation journeys.

Day 2 of the People Matters TechHR Conference began with opening remarks from Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, who took a moment to outline some pioneering research that People Matters had undertaken over the past two months.

Based on the digital agendas of India Inc organizations, the ‘People Matters State of HR Technology India 2019-20’ report works to find answers to the questions of tomorrow. Providing actionable data through research conducted with more than 250 respondents from over 208 leading corporates, the report uncovers how they have evolved to make sense of rapid digital transformations. 

To read a blog on the future of Innovation and Growth in the HR landscape by Ester Martinez, click here

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