Video: Technology-driven blended learning: The new driver of communication

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Technology-driven blended learning: The new driver of communication

Using technology to offer complete online blended learning which will be cost effective

Insights into how workplace learning has moved from traditional classroom learning (brick and mortar and completely based on human interaction) to blended learning (brick and mortar human interaction plus online learning). Now, we're taking this even further by using technology to offer completely online blended learning (virtual human interaction via technology platform plus online learning) that will be cost effective for the organization (geographical boundaries are dissolved) and a driver of better learning of communication skills. People Matters in association Maersk Global Services Centres (Neelu Chawla, Head – Learning & Organization Development) and Pearson TalentLens India (Shashir Shetty, National Sales Manager) will deliver on the following points:

This session will discuss the following questions:

  • As a Manager do I need to adopt different styles for coaching my subordinates from different age groups?
  • With a new generation taking over workplace, there is a need for an 'anytime, anywhere' learning model, how is blended learning best placed to address this need?
  • What are some technological and learning related challenges that organizations face as a result of blended learning?
  • Myths about online learning include assertions such as "Online courses are “easier” than face-to-face courses". How does blended learning tackle such assumptions?
  • What is the business case for organizations to adopt blended learning? How does it enhance people and save costs?
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