Video: Techworks for collaboration @ Facebook by Madan Nagaldinne

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Techworks for collaboration @ Facebook by Madan Nagaldinne

Driving digital through social


Madan Nagaldinne, Head of HR Facebook, New York on how innovation in Facebook's entire HR technology is different from other companies. Madan elaborates that Facebook did not have any HR technology earlier and that they were trying some kind of CRM but there was no LMS or any other system in place but we had the ability to attract the best people without any sophisticated technology. We still had good performances from employees and a differentiated paper performance system which surfaced out rich content during calibration and that was because Facebook was just social. If digital is the destination, the train is social. This is the what social is - about people, groups and work chat - transferring information at a speed that is unparalleled. What social has done to us is made us natural company. Its the facebook that is taken to create work, to create product and take feedback from the users. These are the 3 pillars which drive Facebook's social strategy. Our HR technology is not based on process but on innovation, is community based and about being open and transparent. Digital in HR means how faster you can move information and how it changes the role of the manager to  one of being a mentor, who nurtures and amplifies the strength than of control and power. Access to information is liberating and empowering.

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