Video: How the blueprint for SBI was created - OP Bhatt


How the blueprint for SBI was created - OP Bhatt

OP Bhatt, former Chairman of State Bank of India on how the blueprint for the SBI was created

OP Bhatt talks about how he saw the bank and what had happened to it when compared with competition and clearly saw the problems. Bhatt recalls how he asked his employees as to who was responsible for the failure of SBI, and who could bring the bank back to track. Bhatt says that at the end of the offsite there was a blueprint of the transformation which everyone wanted along with the list of enablers that would help in executing the plan. This plan was co-created and there was collective ownership. Along similar lines alignment was built with other verticals to set the bank on track. Aligning people and getting ideas, feedback and suggestions from various people who matter, understand the bank and have affection for the bank was a true contributor to SBI's transformation.

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