Video: Securing buy in for organisational tranformation


Securing buy in for organisational tranformation

Securing the buy in for doing things differently is a test of leadership and sometimes the leader has to just dictate it. An organisation and its people have to be adaptable to change and a leader has to make that happen.
It is human nature to believe in everything, so in a way we can get people to buy into our ideas. There, however, is radical change required around the organisation and that buy in is not there. There is also no buy in to the fact that you need to take hard decisions. Conditions change very frequently and along with that the leadership and measures of success need to change. I've always been an advocate of frequent change. The organisational structure has to be like a living organism. It has to change shape and character according to the change in business conditions. People are unwilling to accept change and therefore the biggest challenge for a leader is to secure buy in to do things differently. A good leader sometimes has to push for new ideas, while sometimes he just has to dictate it.
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