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How do you identify passion at work

Have a look at the intriguing conversation between Ester Martinez (CEO & Editor-in-Chief People Matters), Ankur Warikoo (Founder & CEO, Nearbuy) and Shakun Khanna (Senior Director, Oracle) on leveraging passion and strength for employee engagement.

Passion drives innovations and thus brings out the best in any individual. There is no rule book to teach an individual how to be passionate about something, it is just natural. There are people who are passionate and there are people who are not passionate at all. But it is passion which defines a person’s interest quotient.

Stressing on the importance of passion at work and its impact on the professional world and business, People Matters in association with Oracle conducted a Facebook live on LetsTalkTalent at the Nearbuy office on 12th January 2017. 

The conversation between the three different industry experts Ester Martinez (CEO & Editor-in-Chief People Matters), Ankur Warikoo (Founder & CEO Nearbuy) and Shakun Khanna (Senior Director, Oracle) was totally inspiring and interesting. 

So to begin with the conversation, Warikoo said a very remarkable statement that passion at work starts with the hiring process itself. Before diving into an individual’s resume or testing his or her IQ level, Nearbuy has a set of 20 super-bizarre questions which helps them get a sense of the individual. For example a question like, “What is that one believe you have that very few people agree with you on?” This helps them judge how passionate and perseverant an individual is and this is what helps Nearbuy to pick the right candidate along with their IQ level test. 

As said by Warikoo,

People need to have a sense of belonging and security”.

This statement was beautifully explained by Warikoo where he spoke about singing the National Anthem at the City square to demonstrate and nurture a sense of belonging and security for the employees.

In the pursuit of financial security, a big gap can come up with the work one is doing and the work the person may be passionate about. It would be good for organizations to identify their individual employee's strength and align jobs accordingly. Giving people the chance to pursue work that they are passionate about within the organisation and by being proactive with the employees will definitely increase their productivity as well as business.

But what happens in a bigger organization like Oracle? How does one manage to be proactive with 100 thousand employees in various corners of the country. How to have more engaged employees in the organization?

On that Khanna said, 

The most important thing is the people’s interest quotient.”

He also said that passion is imbibed in an individual and is natural. With time, people get drifted from their passion and that is when employers need to engage with their employees and help leverage their passion which will eventually lead to more engaged people at work.  Customized rewards packages around interests, movie tickets for movie buffs etc are some of the great ways to connect with employees.

The seed of curiosity gives birth to passion which brings out the best in any individual”.

If you have the seed of curiosity in you, then undoubtedly you will follow your passion be it in your personal or professional life and automatically the energy levels go up to achieve your desired goal.

Both the industry adepts gave an interesting perspective on linking an individual's passion to business. To have such insightful conversation within a startup and technology space is a great way to spread the awareness through social media. 

So, here I leave my readers with a question. How do you identify passion at work? 

Feel free to give your comments in the box below. 

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