Video: Gigging it from Goa: The Banana Design Co.


Gigging it from Goa: The Banana Design Co.

Here's a session by Nihar Manwatkar, Founder, The Banana Design Co., where he shares his experience in building a sustainable business model of gig workers.

What happens when you combine gigging with Goa? Another experiential gig economy model comes into play! When Nihar Manwatkar, founder of The Banana Design Company, found the quality of life in Gurgaon unconducive and the city life in general unsustainable in the long run, he thought of moving to a place where he could leverage great talent at low cost. Nihar then moved Banana Design to Goa, inviting gig talent from all parts of India to come and work for him on projects. Learn from Nihar’s story of leveraging the two Gs-gig and Goa- to build a sustainable business model that has adapted to the changing world of work.

Speaker: Nihar Manwatkar, Founder, The Banana Design Co

Topics: #PMTAC, Talent Acquisition

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