Video: How technology and Big Data can help you hire the right talent


How technology and Big Data can help you hire the right talent

Stages of recruitment make hiring a tedious job, and a wrong hire can have direct consequences to company's costs

Hiring happens in a stove-piped manner. Stages of recruitment - like shortlisting, interview, offer, BGV and onboarding - are often not linked with each other, a process which makes hiring a tedious job. Past hiring experiences - the pros and cons of the process are not used to improve the situation, rather it's sometimes too late when an organisation realizes that a wrong person has been hired. This wrong hire will have direct consequences to the company's cost and timelines. However, technology can alleviate such challenges.

People Matters in partnership with IDfy is going to deliberate on this, and Wriju Ray, COO at IDfy focusses on the following:

  • How the decade-old hiring process can be improved by using Technology and Big Data?
  • How Big Data can improve the skill sets of the employees so that they hire the right person?
  • How Big Data will untimately lead to save time and being cost-effective?
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