Video: The imperative of going mobile with recruitment


The imperative of going mobile with recruitment

A talent-driven approach to campus hiring and beyond

A recent global survey shows 74% of high-potential talent uses mobile in their job searches and about 69% has a higher opinion of organizations that use mobile recruitment. With fierce competition among organizations to be the most sought-after employer brand for qualified talent in the vast talent pool, the Indian recruitment landscape is in transition from being recruiter-driven to being talent-driven.

Recruiters are looking at ways to generate a superior hiring experience for today's talent, and in ways the tech-savvy Gen-Y talent pool expects. What had once been the domain of bothersome ROI, logistical hassles, long turn-around times is now set to evolve to a more robust approach to attracting and engaging talent during the recruitment process.

The webinar organized by People Matters and Pearson TalentLens India (Mark DeRugeriis, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Assessment Innovation, Inc., U.S.A, Shashir Shetty, National Head, Pearson TalentLens India) will focus on:

  1. The Indian recruitment landscape - What Gen-Y expects v/s what organizations offer today
  2. Fortifying current recruitment practices with mobile - Benefits
  3. Checklist for building a fool-proof recruitment strategy - Overcoming challenges to going mobile
  4. Integrating mobile in your current recruitment practices – Campus and volume hiring
  5. Why embrace mobile recruitment now? Pearson TalentLens India pilot study results
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