Video: Lateral hiring and the importance of specific skillsets


Lateral hiring and the importance of specific skillsets

Raghavendra K, VP & Head-HRD, Infosys BPO, on Skills Vs Knowledge, challenges faced by recruiters during lateral hiring and solutions to these challenges
All business wars begin with talent. In India, only 34 per cent of the five million graduates are employable while 47 per cent of the graduates are not employed in any sector of the knowledge economy. But, the challenge is not just at the talent level but also at the recruiter level. It is necessary as a company to have a strong recruitment team that has the right set of capabilities and skillsets. The entire basis of getting the right talent is built on the recruitment team in terms of building their own capabilities and ensure that the company is a talent magnet. It is time to train the recruiters in terms of developing the skills on how to assess human capital better, look at the option and understand the big picture because the cost of an employee is high.
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