Video: Video Interview: The technology edge - Structuring IT skills to future-proof your business

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Video Interview: The technology edge - Structuring IT skills to future-proof your business

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How can L&D and business leaders think of IT skills as a business enabler? Apratim Purakayastha, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Skillsoft, shares his insights.

In a fast-changing digital age, IT skills are crucial for business transformation and sustainability. Technology is at the core of businesses, driving innovation and efficiency. 

To make a lasting impact, organisations should assess which IT skills are most valuable for their future needs. This varies by industry, with cybersecurity, cloud adoption, AI, and mobile technology being the key trends.

In this exclusive conversation, Pallavi Verma, Senior Editor at  People Matters, engages in a dialogue with Apratim Purakayastha, Skillsoft’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, to explore the key facets of IT skills development and its role in ensuring an organisation's long-term viability and expansion.

The discussion touches on a number of important themes, including:

  • How to identify valuable IT skills
  • The cultivation of a continuous learning culture
  • Utilisation of online learning tools
  • The pivotal role of leadership in steering these endeavours

This conversation underscores the pressing need for enterprises and leaders to keep pace with technology's ever-changing nature. It underscores the significance of a well-balanced approach to learning strategies for thriving in a perpetually evolving digital landscape.

It also offers valuable insights and recommendations applicable to businesses and leaders seeking to address the challenges posed by the rapid evolution of technology and transform their workforce to maintain competitiveness and adaptability in today's digital era.

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