Video: Are You In The List: Leading the HR Transformation with SMAC


Are You In The List: Leading the HR Transformation with SMAC

There is a need to continually innovate and sustain the culture

People Matters in partnership with Citibank organised a webinar on Leading the HR transformation with SMAC. Citibank's VP Avinash Kohli, and Hargovind Adhikari AVP talked about rapid advancements witnessed in the field of technology which have lowered the entry barriers and have pushed the competition to a whole new level coupled with evolving customer tastes. In order for organizations to stay ahead of the curve, they need to continually innovate and more importantly, sustain the culture of innovation. Increasingly, organizations world over are waking up to the need of leveraging technology to enable and empower their employees in creating remarkable experiences for their clients with Human Resources at the cusp of this technology led change. Adopting a smart SMAC approach in HR can enable employees by creating seamless internal information networks, improving internal processes & turn around times, predicting HR trends, strengthening employee engagement and more importantly, ushering in a culture of innovation and change. This webinar promises to take the participants through various developments in the world of SMAC and their impact on HR with real insights into application of SMAC in HR.

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Topics: Leadership, Strategic HR

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