Video: Context is the kingdom, Content is king: Dave Ulrich

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Context is the kingdom, Content is king: Dave Ulrich

The uncertainties and upheavals that define the contemporary business environment, in Dave's opinion, shape the context or "kingdom" in which businesses operate.


HR plays a big part in making sure businesses can identify, employ, engage, and retain the right people in a time of fast change. HR has become a crucial business driver due to the rising significance of having the appropriate people in the right positions at a company. But how can HR more effectively produce the right value for its businesses and shareholders given the nearly continual nature of business upheaval and changing employee preferences?

Dave Ulrich, Professor at the University of Michigan and Partner at RBL Group, addressed this issue at the closing mega keynote at People Matters TechHR Singapore and offered his experience that he believes individuals in the HR field should consider. 

Dave argued that the unpredictability and disruptions in today's corporate environment define the environment, or the "kingdom," in which businesses function. How we react and the content HR produces to get around this environment is "king." Content creation is our responsibility in HR. How we react depends on the context, which is the kingdom content, Dave adds that's the king or the queen. Think outside on how to create the right content given the context," explained Dave.

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