Video: HiPo Week Radio Show - 'Fast-track or Smart-track'

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HiPo Week Radio Show - 'Fast-track or Smart-track'

Fast-track or Smart-track

People Matters in partnership with Right Management organized the HiPo week from the 6th of July to the 10th July 2015. One of the key highlights of the HiPo week was the Radio Show that was organized on the theme of 'Fast-track or Smart-track' with Mr. Krish Shankar, Head of HR- Indian Sub-continent at Philips, along with Shakun Khanna, Country Head, Right Management. The theme of the radio show explored the topics of how to manage HiPos, HiPo programs, and if HiPos be managed differently from the rest or if HiPo programs can be a continuation of existing appraisal and reward structures?

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Topics: Strategic HR, #HIPO

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