Video: Int'l HR Day 2023: Changing role of HR in uncertain times

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Int'l HR Day 2023: Changing role of HR in uncertain times

Top HR leaders shed light on the transformative changes shaping the HR landscape on this International HR Day 2023.

Amidst the symphony of geopolitical tensions, swirling market uncertainties, and economic turmoil over the past triennial, HR professionals have emerged as paragons of resilience. From pioneering technological frontiers to navigating transformational journeys, from prioritising employee well-being to assuming the mantle of strategic business partners, HR and talent leaders have shown the power of resilience and adaptability.

On International HR Day, we explore the evolving role of HR in the face of prevailing uncertainties, with insights from top HR and talent leaders.

Pioneering technological frontiers for HR success

In this age of digital transformation, technology has become the catalyst that propels HR into uncharted territories. Aadesh Goyal, the global CHRO at Tata Communications, paints a picture of the boundless opportunities that technology brings forth. According to Goyal, "By strategically blending data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, HR professionals have the ability to create bespoke solutions that surpass conventional boundaries, fundamentally reshaping the fabric of the employee experience."

Enabling transformational journeys of collaborative agility

The shifting sands of the workforce landscape demand that HR leaders embrace a new paradigm of agility and collaboration, according to Saurabh Govil, President and HR Chief at Wipro. He emphasises that HR's role goes beyond policy enforcement; it has transformed into a strategic partner guiding organisations through transformational journeys. “Fostering a culture of collaboration and harnessing the power of technology while adapting to change, HR leaders can navigate today’s complexities, and help chart a course toward holistic growth for organisations.”

Prioritising employee well-being and inclusive growth

At a time of unpredictability and economic turmoil, Vaibhav Goel, the SVP and Head of HR at Reliance Industries, recognises the pivotal role HR leaders should play in prioritising employee well-being and fostering inclusive growth. Goel reminds us that the challenges we face today transcend the boundaries of our imagination, underscoring the need for a collective effort and commitment to learning and supporting one another. “By embracing the power of collaboration and co-developing community intelligence, HR professionals can build trust and create an environment that empowers both individuals and organisations to flourish,” argued Goel.

Creating meaningful workplaces to fuel talent growth

HR leaders must remain steadfast in their dedication to crafting meaningful environments for employees. Priya Mathilakath Pillai, the Head of HR (Retail, Corporate & Manufacturing) at Titan Company, reminds us of the human element that lies at the heart of human resources. Pillai underscores the importance of nurturing institutions that inspire personal growth and foster a sense of purpose. “By fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, HR professionals can shape workplaces that empower individuals to thrive, leading to both personal fulfillment and organisational prosperity,” added Priya.

Assuming a proactive role as strategic business partners

Manoj Shikarkhane, the chief human resource officer at LTIMindtree, calls upon HR leaders to rise above the status quo and embrace their role as strategic business partners. Shikarkhane emphasises the need for a proactive approach to address issues such as attrition, low productivity, and disengagement. He added, “by forging close collaborations with business teams and adopting a holistic perspective that encompasses the entire employee journey, HR leaders can spearhead transformative change.”  

On this International HR Day, let us celebrate the transformation power of HR, acknowledge the contributions of HR leaders across the globe, and drive meaningful change, together.

Happy International HR Day 2023!

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