Video: The future of technological adoption in HR

Strategic HR

The future of technological adoption in HR

Conducted on the first day of TechHR, the panel speaks on the issue of future of technology in HR practices

Technological advancements have always impacted the way businesses function.Right from the time of the steam engine, technological developments and applications have proliferated in business, making processes more efficient while reducing costs. With eyes set on defining the future of technological adoption, senior HR leaders across the board share their views and opinions on the evolving landscape of HR management. The panel consists of CHROs and senior HR experts like  Dr. N.S Rajan from Tata Sons with Gajendra Chandel from Tata Motors, China Gorman from Movatis Learning, Srikanth Balachandran from Airtel and Pratik Kumar from Wipro Infrastructures share their opinions on what the future holds. 


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