Video: Rudy Karsan on 'If I were an HR professional'

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Rudy Karsan on 'If I were an HR professional'

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Entrepreneur and investor Rudy Karsan, in an exclusive video interview with our Senior Editor Yasmin Taj, shares some interesting insights by putting himself in the shoes of an HR professional.

Rudy Karsan is passionate about job creation and meaningful work for all, which he strongly believes is the key to a fabulous future for humanity. He is inspired by unusual technology that is in sync with his dream of helping improve people’s lives and is currently exploring ways to do this by enabling the growth and success of ideas that are potentially useful to people. 

Rudy founded Kenexa, the human resources software, and sold it to IBM in 2012 for $1.3 Bn.  He sits on the boards of multiple companies such as Accela, Talentify, CoachLogix, KEYPR, Micromerchants, and Phenom People among others.

In this video interview, the entrepreneur and investor shares some interesting insights by putting himself in the shoes of an HR professional.

When asked, “considering you are in the early stage of your career in HR, what would you be like”? Rudy says, I would really do one thing differently than the past and that is data. I would like to move beyond the traditional ‘emotions’ element and try to exploit data to make informed decisions. What is interesting is that Rudy says he would not be in HR for a longer period, instead he would try and gain experience in other areas such as marketing or logistics to gain much deeper and holistic insights about the company. 

Considering he had worked in HR for over five years and had not changed the domain, he would like to change the company. “At this point in time, I would want to make sure I definitively want some other piece of experience in some other areas. “If I stay much longer in HR,” says Rudy, “then I would probably say that I have limited my career growth”.  

Watch the video to find out what Rudy would do next as he takes a hypothetical journey of an HR professional.

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