Video: Will culture-fit be the new pivot?


Will culture-fit be the new pivot?

An exciting session by Ankur Warikoo, CEO of Nearbuy on practical tips and initiatives for culture-fit hiring and his experiences on how the hiring process doesn't stop candidates onboarding at TA League Annual Conference, 2017

“The true merit of starting the company is to build an organization where people would really love to come and work.” These were the opening lines of Ankur Warikoo, CEO of Nearbuy at the session titled ‘Reimagine hiring for tomorrow’ at People Matters Talent Acquisition League Annual Conference, 2017.

At the session, he gave practical tips on culture-fit hiring and shared his experiences of Nearbuy’s hiring process and candidates’ onboarding experience. He explained, “When it comes to HR – we are dealing with humans, we are not dealing with systems, processes or technology, simply we are dealing with human psychology. At the end, it all boils down to- how you make an individual feel at the end of the very exercise.”

To know more about all that he said. Watch the complete session.

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