Video: Video: Birlasoft's Arun Rao on building synergies - HR + Finance + IT

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Video: Birlasoft's Arun Rao on building synergies - HR + Finance + IT

In this exclusive conversation, work and technology leaders reflect on how companies can break information silos and key lessons on talent management from the pandemic.

In today’s talent economy, a strong analytics strategy will be needed to ensure that business departments are not operating in silos – with multiple versions of truth. Partnering with Finance and IT, will not only ensure a single source of truth and common approaches to business issues, it enables a 360-degree view of business metrics. 

A joint strategy prepares companies to deal with unforeseen business scenarios – including mergers and acquisitions, optimizing and restricting the business, deep diligence on HR driven value planning.

Arun Rao, Chief People Officer, Birlasoft

Hardeep Singh, Head - HCM Applications Strategy, Oracle India

Yasmin Taj, Senior Editor, People Matters


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Topics: Talent Management, #COVID-19

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