Video: Frank Ricciardi talks about the emerging trends in HR technology


Frank Ricciardi talks about the emerging trends in HR technology

People Matters spoke to Frank Ricciardi from Cornerstone OnDemand about the emerging trends in HR Technology. Here is the complete video.

HR Technology has come a long way. It started off from being customized individual installations to cloud computing, and today we are witnessing the evolution of Big Data.

People Matters spoke to Frank Ricciardi, who is the Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific of Cornerstone OnDemand, about the changing trends in HR technology and its adoption. He is based in Hong Kong and leads Cornerstone’s global growth strategy in the APJ region. 

In the interview, he talks about how Indian companies are willing to invest in technology because they have realized the benefits of doing the same. And he also talks about how busting some of the myths and misconceptions that organizations have about the implementation of the HR technology can be quite challenging at times. Watch the complete session for the candid yet extremely exciting conversation between him and People Matters. You can also read excerpts of the interview here.


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