Video: How to design engagement at your organization


How to design engagement at your organization

Engagement is a problem that needs to be solved to have a fulfilling relationship between the employees and organization. Watch the video to understand the real issues of engaging employees and the solutions available to solve these issues.

Brian Sommer, Founder at TechVentive, moderated the session – 'Can you really design engagement' with leaders like Amit Munjal Founder & CEO of Doctor Insta, Deepa Chadha, CHRO at Vistara, Manu Narang, Head-HR at Coco-Cola and Mun Choong Lam, Founder & CEO at Selfdrvn Enterprise.This session focused on how organizations can increase the emotional investment of their employees and how redefining recognition and learning can be critical ingredients for redefining engagement. The session addressed engagement issues in the organizations and the solutions available today to meet engagement challenges.

This session is part of People Matters TechHR 2017.

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