Video: How to find and retain the best talent?


How to find and retain the best talent?

People Matters and Oracle bring you insights about finding and retaining talent in your organizations.

The scale and pace of digital disruption has ensured that companies both new and traditional are able to reach a global marketplace regardless of where they are based out of. With the incoming digital natives, retaining top talent is one of the biggest talent challenges in 2017, according to Forbes.

In this context, how should companies approach this problem? How can HR become a driver of business growth and stay agile? What are some necessary elements to position themselves as an employer of choice? This webinar will bring expert views from a technology perspective and HR leader's standpoint.

Some key focus areas

What are some macro trends that are impacting hiring talent today?

What are some of the challenges that companies have in attracting top talent?

How are companies planning to retain their talent?

With the demographic shift towards digital natives in the workplace, how can organizations manage expectations of a multi - generational workplace?

What are some areas where technology can be an enabler?

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Topics: Technology, Strategic HR, Talent Acquisition

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