Video: People Matters Typographics - The need to re-think and change


People Matters Typographics - The need to re-think and change

A People Matters Typographic taking excerpts from the interview with Dr Bala Balachandran, Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management. It explains the need to re-think and change, keeping a radar on the changing world.

With the rapidly changing world, there is an urgent need for business models and people to re-think and change, or they may risk going extinct. One needs to anticipate change and have a radar screen of the changing world in order to keep pace with it, which also implies realizing the time value of money! As technology has accelerated change, no one knows what lies ahead and hence one needs to be prepared to embrace innovention. In the coming times, it is all going to be about people who know how to leverage the technology best and make the most out of it!

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