Video: Role of Technology in Identifying, Developing & Retaining HiPos


Role of Technology in Identifying, Developing & Retaining HiPos

Adam Miller, Founder and CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand, on how technology can tackle critical HR and business issues of identifying, developing, and retaining HiPos.

Talent acquisition and developing future leaders are critical for organizations. And technology plays (or can play) a key role in these processes. It is an enabler in addressing these major HR and business issues. Technology helps in analyzing readiness of people to move up the ladder, assess who is most suited to advance, and who is qualified for open positions in the organization. Technology tools are important levers in the training and development process of HiPos; and they also help in creating an engaging environment in the workplace that helps better the retention rate of the workforce – a component which is very crucial especially when the High Potentials’ turnover rate is high.

Technology that can help manage people becomes very important in driving results and efficiency because people are agile and dynamic. Managing people in today’s dynamic environment is different and much more difficult than from managing inventories.

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