Video: Designing high-impact, scalable learning journeys at Infosys BPM

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Designing high-impact, scalable learning journeys at Infosys BPM

In conversation with Sharath Chandra of Infosys BPM and Minaxi Indra of upGrad for Business, we get exclusive insights on how they addressed the learning needs of a diverse workforce with ICOG-LXP.


The way we learn has been continuously changing. So when we discuss skills obsolescence, it also encompasses the shift in how skills are transferred. At Infosys BPM, where foundation training was a rite of passage to empower their hires to become corporate-ready, this shift culminated in the launch of ICOG-LXP. In partnership with upGrad Work Better, this one-stop platform was designed to democratise the overall skilling process by reinforcing the convenience of choice for their learners. A strong believer in providing the right employee experience throughout their organisational journey, this LXP  also provided the desired learner experience. 

For Infosys BPM, where learning is at the forefront of everything they do, tens of thousands of learners benefitted from this change. There were also positive returns on employee engagement, learner transfer and achieving business outcomes. In our exclusive, one-of-a-kind multimedia flipbook brought to you in partnership with upGrad for Business, titled Amplifying Growth, Achieving Impact: Customer Sucess Stories, we explore more on how Infosys BPM created customised learning pathways to deliver strong business outcomes. 

This interview is only one of the 11 stories we bring to you of how leading companies across India are crafting agile, flexible, digital and inclusive learning journeys. In conversation with Sharath Chandra, Head of Learning and Development, Infosys BPM and Minaxi Indra, President, upGrad for Business, we get exciting takeaways on winning the future of work with a customised learning experience. In this video, we will get insights on:

  • Shifting from LMS to LXP: How learning strategies are a bottoms-up approach
  • How uWB’s ICOG delivered a win-win onboarding experience, increasing talent retention and improving EX
  • The ACE (Adaptability, Communication, Leading with Empathy) of soft skills
  • How Infosys BPM witnessed a 10% increase in pass percentage and a marked improvement in the training delta 
  • Investing in future-ready learning interventions that prioritise personalised user experiences

And more! Watch this space for more exclusive industry stories on creating customised, adaptive and personalised learning journeys that translate to increased employee engagement and measurable business outcomes. 

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