Video: Empowering future-ready leaders at Bajaj Energy

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Empowering future-ready leaders at Bajaj Energy

In an exclusive conversation with Mohit Saxena of Bajaj Energy and Minaxi Indra of upGrad for Business, we dive into what it takes to build future-ready, progressive and impactful leaders.


As we embrace the dynamic business landscape, a strong leadership bench will be critical to achieving talent retention, employee engagement and productivity. Recognising this, Bajaj Energy joined hands with upGrad for Business and launched its Future Leadership Program. The goal was to empower their successors to manage people, groom teams, motivate peak performance and lead with empathy. 

This called for strategic interventions that reimagined learning programs by creating an ecosystem where high-potential employees could grow and thrive. Instilling a sense of belonging while building career-competency paths was critical to circumvent the fear of skills obsolescence, one of the central themes of our exclusive one-of-a-kind multimedia flipbook in partnership with upGrad for Business, Amplifying Growth, Achieving Impact: Customer Success Stories

This video interview is only one of the 11 impactful stories we bring to you on designing learning programs that translate to measurable business outcomes. In conversation with Mohit Saxena, Head of Human Resources at Bajaj Energy and Minaxi Indra, President at upGrad for Business, we get key takeaways from their exciting partnership. This video comes with exclusive insights on:

  • Critical action areas for reducing skills obsolescence
  • upGrad for Business’ learning frameworks in action: The Cube Print and AKAR (Awareness, Knowledge, Application, Reinforcement)
  • Designing a robust mixed-learning model with upGrad for Business’ expertise
  • Impact on Bajaj Energy’s leaders and long-term growth strategy
  • Reimagining leadership roles for the dynamic business landscape

And more! With learning interventions playing a critical role in unlocking growth and innovation, watch this space for more exclusive industry stories on how leaders can quantify learning outcomes and connect them to business priorities. 

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