Video: From resilience to business impact: Leveraging the power of coaching to drive skills transformation

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From resilience to business impact: Leveraging the power of coaching to drive skills transformation

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Explore the transformative power of coaching in this exciting conversation between Ester Martinez of People Matters and Leena Rinne of Skillsoft. Tune in now and lead the way for business evolution.


In an era defined by rapid change, businesses face the critical challenge of adapting swiftly to evolving priorities. Recent insights from Accenture highlight a staggering $11.5 Trillion potential GDP growth at stake over the next decade, underscoring the gravity of meeting the ever-shifting skills demand. Amidst this dynamic landscape, the recalibration of skills transformation emerges as a linchpin, empowering organisations to maintain agility in the face of market flux and accelerated digitisation. 

Enter coaching—an invaluable tool in the realm of business transformation through learning. By strategically integrating coaching into talent development strategies, companies can align them seamlessly with their unique business objectives. 

The result? A workforce primed for the future, poised to drive innovation, surmount novel challenges, and champion business transformation. 

In this exclusive and exciting podcast brought to you as part of the Transformation in Action week in partnership with Skillsoft, Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of People Matters gets into an exciting conversation with Leena Rinne- VP of Coaching at Skillsoft where they explore the transformative power of coaching. Here, you will get incredible insights on:

  • How coaching’s disruptive evolution has made it more digital and scalable
  • The transformative coaching cycle - Assess, learn, apply, practice, reflect, and assess anew
  • The multi-faceted benefits of coaching across the business and culture
  • The synergy of human touch and AI in driving desirable outcomes through coaching
  • Strengthening a coaching culture and prioritising investment in your people
  • Designing a roadmap for an impactful skills transformation with the right ROI metrics

And more! If you’re all set to revolutionize your approach to skills transformation and business evolution, then this conversation is for you. Listen now to stay resilient in the era of accelerated change and empower a future-ready workforce.

For more ways to reimagine your learning approach and design a strategy that truly makes a difference to your organisation, register now for the Transformation in Action week.

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