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Global trends in HiPo programs


Watch this exciting webcast where Ester Martinez quizzes Prashant Pandey and Srikant Balachandra about the present and future trends in HiPo programs globally.

HiPo programs have undergone a lot of change in many countries all over the world, and they have also evolved according to the requirements of the specific region. Over the years, the senior leadership too across industries have started to show involvement in creating and executing this program. In countries, such as India, HiPo programs especially have started becoming the number one focus for the HR department. It is highly evolved, very ROI focus and extremely intensive for the few chosen participants. While in countries like Africa, there is still a lot of focus on the traditional HiPo characteristics like ability to lead teams, mentorship, and coaching. 

Watch this webcast where Ester Martinez talks to Prashant Pandey, Country Manager at Right Management and Srikant Balachandra, who is the HR Officer at Airtel to know more about the changing trends in HiPo development programs globally.

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