Video: Skillsoft's Apratim on The Next Era of Workforce Transformation

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Skillsoft's Apratim on The Next Era of Workforce Transformation

Are you ready for the Skills shift? Apratim Purakayastha, Skillsoft, shares critical factors you must review in your learning roadmap.

The future of learning needs to be mapped to the workforce transformation underway—that means exploring how emerging technologies are set to revolutionize the learner's experience.  

In an exclusive conversation with People Matters, Apratim Purakayastha, General Manager of Talent Development Solutions and Chief Product and Technology Officer of Skillsoft discussed the top trends that will redefine the new era of workforce transformation. 

This conversation is part of Skillsoft's Skills Week, "Building a Skills-First Organisation," brought to you in partnership with Skillsoft. During this week, we aim to help organizations reflect on the changes that are underway and define strategic practices that will help them thrive.  

Here's a preview of the themes this conversation touched on:  

1. Macro socioeconomic trends impacting learning 

From global birth rates to employee work preferences and accelerating technological changes, what are the fundamental shifts that will make continuous learning essential for career survival, not just an optional benefit? Understanding these macro trends highlights why investing in learning is more critical than ever.  

2. Future of learning - Interactive, distributed, and outcome-centric 

How and why is learning becoming more interactive and hands-on, moving away from passive video formats? Understand how technology is integrated into daily applications using AI, enabling real-time, contextual learning. Organizations will demand tangible outcomes, focusing on measurable progress and skill acquisition.  

3. Immersive and interactive learner experience 

How does generative AI revolutionize learning by providing real-time, conversational experiences tailored to individual needs? What are some of the practical, hands-on training that will replace passive instruction with technologies like virtual reality offering immersive experiences? This shift will make learning more engaging and effective.  

4. Challenges - Growth mindset and leadership support 

A growth mindset is crucial for both learners and leaders to embrace continuous learning. Leaders must foster a culture that rewards growth and innovation, providing the necessary time and resources. Initiatives like hackathons can help build this culture, making learning a core part of the organizational ethos.  

5. Innovative approaches and use cases in learning 

Benchmarking employee skills and creating tailored learning journeys can enhance efficiency and satisfaction. But which programs will improve engagement and productivity? Success metrics should focus on business outcomes, such as reduced onboarding time and improved engagement scores, rather than traditional metrics like course completions.  

Watch the full interview to dive deeper into these trends and innovations. 

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