Video: The future of learning: to Infinity and beyond

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The future of learning: to Infinity and beyond

Social, media and analytics are the top three trends that are disrupting learning today. An interactive session by Olivier Pestel, senior director solution consulting, Cornerstone gives us an insight into how can we solve certain learning challenges due to these trends.
Due to disruption, world is changing at an unprecedented scale.  Learning remains and still is at the core of all functions and processes that we do. Today, learning is enabling employees to realize their full potential across entire development of organization.  How learning should be today? L&D practitioners should design and build learning experiences for new employees and beyond. So learning should be: Social – It is an environment where employees collaborate with peers, SMEs, alumni and think beyond the enterprise.  Also, they can engage within their extended network including distributors, dealers, and partners.  It is an environment and an experience sourced by other employees & internal experts, thereby breaking the silos within the organization.   On-Demand – Shifting from content centric ‘push’ to a learner-centric ‘pull’ approach. One needs to make sure that information is provided when people need it. &n...
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