Video: Upskilling a customer-centric workforce at Manyavar Mohey

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Upskilling a customer-centric workforce at Manyavar Mohey

In conversation with Arun AB of Manyavar-Mohey, Gautam Gupta of upGrad Work Better and Minaxi Indra of upGrad for Business, we gain exclusive takeaways on how targeted learning interventions led to a best-in-class customer experience at Manyavar-Mohey.


With a massive presence in multiple cities across India, Manyavar Mohey is an enterprise that truly believes that its employees are their brand ambassadors. Inevitably, it becomes critical to empower them to keep a pulse on shifting fashion trends and consumer expectations, add value and deliver the best-in-class customer experience. This vision culminated in designing the upskilling program named ‘The Manyavar Experience’ in partnership with upGrad Work Better. With 70 batches running for 15-20 days in different parts of the country, this training was delivered in a blended learning format to Franchise Partners, Area Sales Managers, Store Managers, and Sales Staff. 

What made this a success was prioritising the learner experience and learner transfer. By breaking down consumer expectations into experiential videos helmed by the impactful role model named ‘Vikas’, there was a clear emphasis also on business ask and customer-centricity. In our exclusive, one-of-a-kind multimedia flipbook in partnership with upGrad for Business, titled Amplifying Growth, Achieving Impact: Customer Success Stories, we explore more on how Manyavar Mohey overcame skills obsolescence and upskilled their workforce with the aim of becoming a market leader in their domain. 

This interview is only one of the 11 video interview stories we bring you on designing L&D programs that combine behavioural skills and technical knowledge to deliver business impact. In conversation with Arun AB, National Retail Operations Manager at Vedant Fashions Ltd., Manyavar-Mohey; Gautam Gupta, President-Business Development, upGrad Work Better; and Minaxi Indra, President, upGrad for Business, we unlock strategic insights on implementing experiential learning programs. In this video, we get exclusive takeaways on:

  • How skilling interventions positively impact the employee experience and engagement
  • The learner and business impact of uWB’s blended and experiential learning model
  • Insights on the three-tiered process of understanding expectations when curating L&D interventions
  • The critical meld of toolset, skillset and mindset to deliver an impactful learning experience
  • Strategically aligning learner outcomes to business growth, optimisation, profitability

And more! Investing in your people who are the brand ambassadors of your organisation will yield positive returns. Watch this space for more industry insights on designing L&D programs that address skills obsolescence and reinforce lifelong learning. 

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