Video: Webinar: What's L&D's new role & strategy?

Learning & Development

Webinar: What's L&D's new role & strategy?

This webcast will focus on how learning and development is evolving as changes in technology and skills impact the new world of work.

The Era of self-directed learning! What's L&D's new role & strategy?

Improving learning and development” is a top rated challenge according to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report.

At a time when the emphasis on learning is aligned to life-long and continuous learning programs, the driver of the learning road-map is the individual. In this era of self-directed learning, what is the role of the L&D team? How should learning professionals curate learning? And how can they enable their learners to take charge.

Here's what are will cover:

  • Why you should invest in understanding your workforce better?
  • What does the modern workforce want? How can people fuel their careers and build their skills?
  • How can you enable skill development with personalization?
  • How are innovative organizations designing learning experiences?
  • How can you enable your learners to align their learning goals to the organizations' success?
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