Video: How to deal with resistance to training?

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How to deal with resistance to training?

People Matters and Adobe on learning and training.

There may be many reasons why employees resist training - it could be due to work pressures, the relevance of training, motivation levels and the availability of engaging learning programs. How are learning companies tackling this problem? What are some innovations that learning companies are turning to?

Join Dr Allen Partridge, a globally renowned eLearning veteran on his first India exclusive webinar. Learn about how Stealth Learning – which involves embedding content at the 'point of need' and Micro Learning are helping employers reach their employees learning need.

Here are some key takeaways we will cover:

1) Understand Stealth Learning – embed content at point of need using intranet, public web pages and apps

2) How to deliver Micro or Byte-sized Learning

3) Key tips to motivate learners

4)How Adobe is supporting organizations using Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

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