Video: Webinar: How to create an agile workforce


Webinar: How to create an agile workforce

Here's how HR leaders can ditch the script of conventional workforce management and replace it with mindset shifts based on agility and growth.

Two out of three businesses are not quick enough to redesign their workforce. 69% of C-suite leaders do not believe their HR function is ready with the strategic workforce insights needed.

As talent demographics and psychographics are changing amidst digital disruption and unstable macroeconomics, what and how can organisations achieve agility to overcome these avalanche of challenges and enable business growth?

This webinar, based on extensive research by KellyOCG in the region, will provide key insights on the mindset shifts you need to Ditch the Script on conventional workforce management to gain the agility and propel business growth.

Here's what it will cover:

  • What are the key strategic imperatives you need to think or rethink?
  • How can you prepare your workforce and your talent processes to become agile?
  • What are forward-thinking companies doing to address change?
  • How can you lead the change and be the HR of the Future?

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