Video: Change people’s financial wellness journey to change the world: Chitresh Sharma


Change people’s financial wellness journey to change the world: Chitresh Sharma

At TechHR India, Chitresh Sharma outlined how his latest start-up, Refyne, is helping to improve workers’ financial wellbeing to battle issues like Great Resignation.



No matter if you’re a businessman, corporate worker, or homemaker, we all know money drives everything. Still, we are a country where personal finance management has never been part of our curriculum. Hence, most of us have a low sense of one’s own financial wellness.

To remedy this situation, Chitresh Sharma founded his latest start-up, Refyne. With the help of his initiative, he revolutionises how we approach salaries in India and the world, further assisting to improve workers’ financial well-being to battle the surging attrition rates.

“Money is such a core part of our life, that we start our day with money, we end our day with money, the entire simplification of life, that denominator is money. So being able to manage that part of your life is critical,” said Sharma and shared how his start-up Refyne can make your life easy. 

“Refyne was born with a single philosophy: simplify personal finance and get people on a personal financial wellness journey. We are not trying to sell a product. We are not trying to sell technology. We are here to get people on a financial wellness journey,” Sharma explained.

The financial wellness platform is available in 12 languages and is supported by iPhone, Android and WhatsApp versions. It can also be tailored to the needs and experiences of the employee. To ensure that the service is not high cost and is able to deliver on their promise, Refyne partners with employers to get their employees into the journey.

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