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Creating multifaceted wellness initiatives: Infosys

As the winners of People Matters and MediBuddy's wellness recognition initiative, Infosys shares its story of adopting a multifaceted approach and leveraging internal wellness influencers for more impactful wellness programs.


What made Infosys a winner of the People Matters and MediBuddy Best Wellness Programs 2022?

We talk to Krish Shankar, EVP, Group Head - Human Resources at Infosys, to understand how the company created a strong employee wellness impact by focusing on multi-faceted wellness initiatives and creating the right culture of wellness to ensure better employee participation.

In this video, you explore:

  • The role of leveraging internal resources to influence and create a culture of wellness. 
  • Creating multifaceted wellness programs
  • Identifying and equipping people managers to spur adoption of wellness benefits
  • Leveraging the right technologies to make your wellness initiatives more impactful. 

Listen in to learn more about creating impactful wellness programs that helped Infosys be one of the People Matters and MediBuddy Best Wellness Programs of 2022. 

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