Building a culture of transparency - Let’s begin with compensation

Date and time: 14th February 2019, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
India Time (Mumbai, GMT+05:30)

Description: Among the many topics one shouldn't broach at the workplace, discussing salaries with coworkers has long been considered one of the biggest offenses. It's natural to feel squeamish talking about money, particularly when it's tied to the value of your skills and hard work. However, there are a lot of pay-injustice issues associated with the world of work today. Some of the most common questions and concerns raised by employees are:

  1. I am getting paid unfairly
  2. Why is a poor performer getting paid more than me?
  3. I want to quit because I am being paid low

When employees don’t know how their pay compares to their peers’, they’re more likely to feel underpaid and maybe even discriminated against. In fact, ask yourself this question -- Do you want to work at a place that tolerates the idea that you feel underpaid or discriminated against?

Here are the pointers that the discussion will ponder upon:

  1. Why an organization needs a transparent compensation system?
  2. How can an organization become more transparent about their employee pay and pay decisions?
  3. Shaping up the manager’s capability on compensation conversation

Our Speaker:

Alok Sheopurkar

Alok Sheopurkar
EVP & Head - HR, HDFC


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