Driving Digital HR for a large and distributed workforce

Date and time: 12th March 2019, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
India Time (Mumbai, GMT+05:30)

Driving an HR technology transformation is no easy feat, even more so when it involves a large and distributed workforce. Be it the complexity of processes, elaborate organization structures, multiple levels of approvals or the efforts needed towards change management HRs are presented with various challenges all along the journey. Identifying the starting ground, building a case for change, arriving at the best fit and driving the implementation process - all these steps need to be meticulously planned and executed to ensure a successful HR Tech transformation.

Learn more about various variables, obstacles involved in a transformation project and problem solve with Mr. Deepak Rao, CHRO, Bisleri, and Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, CHRO, Aarti Industries who have spearheaded various large-scale HR technology initiatives.

  1. How to identify the need and build the starting ground for a transformation journey?
  2. How to build a case for change and ensure stakeholder buy-in?
  3. How to identify not the best solution but the right solution for your need?
  4. How to handle change management while implementing the solution?

Our Speakers:

Deepak Rao

Deepak Rao
CHRO, Bisleri International

Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar
SVP & CHRO, Aarti Industries


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