Cornerstone OnDemand acquires SkyHive Technologies

After launching an AI-powered workforce agility platform, Cornerstone Galaxy, Cornerstone OnDemand Inc has announced the acquisition of workforce skills intelligence capabilities and a team of highly specialised domain experts from SkyHive Technologies Holdings Inc. SkyHive’s AI-powered skills intelligence platform and services assist customers in building skills-based organisations by providing visibility into employee capabilities and enabling organizational transformation.

This acquisition enhances Cornerstone’s reskilling capabilities with predictive labor market intelligence, automated job architecture management, rapid skill proficiency detection, and other services designed to build agile workforces. 

“People are at the center of everything that powers an organisation — from its competitive advantage to its ability to stay agile. But without a clear grasp of the skills landscape, organisations cannot train, empower, or effectively activate their people to adapt to changing business needs,” said Himanshu Palsule, CEO of Cornerstone. 

“A skills-centric approach is the future, but adoption of this approach has not reached its full potential to transform the world. Together with Cornerstone, we’re planning to bring this to a wider audience and build upon this future jointly,” said Sean Hinton and Mohan Reddy, Co-Founders of SkyHive.

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