Article: Capgemini: Gamification of Social Media Hiring

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Capgemini: Gamification of Social Media Hiring

Building capability to source, engage & convert talent pools on social media by making it fun helped Capgemini get the right talent to support its growth plans
Capgemini: Gamification of Social Media Hiring

Capgemini Recruitathon was a half-day event organized in collaboration with LinkedIn to accelerate building a robust talent pipeline for niche skills


Continuing our coverage on the 4th edition of the People Matters TA League Awards, Capgemini won the award for the best social hiring practices. With the need to source & engage with alternative talent pools to support the company’s growth plans, hiring through social media has become a strong option for talent acquisition professionals.  This requires commitment from leadership & skill upgrades within the talent acquisition teams to be successful

Business Challenge

The organization growth ambitions were aligned to hiring talent in strategic technology areas.  The talent acquisition teams had to cast a wider net to reach & engage talent pools beyond traditional sources like job portals.  With the massive influx of social media in talent space, there was a need to create a strong talent sourcing engine to identify, engage & convert top talent through new social media channels

A paradigm shift in recruitment was the need of the hour, to move from reactive hiring to proactive talent sourcing and mapping to enable the organization in technology bids & articulate expectation setting at the start of the hiring process.

Identification of the right talent on social media needs to be followed up with a plan to enhance the capability of the internal sourcing team. There was a need to systematically invest in learning and development to keep recruiters in the organization up to speed on the social sourcing techniques & tools


The company decided to use social media channels to find the right talent. But to ensure that recruiters were actively sourcing out candidates, the process of social media sourcing was ‘gamified’. In order to accelerate the use of social media as a sourcing channel, the steps within the process were incentivised with the help of rewards and recognition. The gamification logic was designed to support and promote each stage of the recruitment process and to reward the right behaviours displayed. By using the leader board, all activities were tracked and the most effective ones were put up so that they could be replicated by other recruiters in the organization. Gamification activities also included ‘Capgemini Recruitathon’, a half-day event organized in collaboration with LinkedIn to accelerate the process of building a robust talent pipeline. Through partnership with LinkedIn, the organization was able to provide focused training through work-in sessions and profile make-over sessions. In addition to this, the company also identified social talent ambassadors within the sourcing team to become catalysts for change for social media which helped in generating a collective buy-in on the usefulness of social media. 


Capgemini has largest certified pool of LinkedIn certified recruiters in the world.  The focus on capability building helped build & cultivate a robust talent pipeline. Through the gamification initiatives, we were able to break the myth that hiring through social media is time consuming, generating over 3500 positive responses within a few hours of sourcing on social media. There was a significant upside to productivity & motivation within the talent acquisition teams. The stakeholders (business & hiring managers) in the recruitment process become true talent enablers by participating actively in promoting recruitment content on social media.

(The TA League Awards 2016 saw more than 200 applications, out of which 5 won across five different categories. A four-month process, it consisted a total 15 applications from companies across industries being shortlisted, out of which 3 in each of the 5 categories were shortlisted by a 6-member Jury. The shortlisted 15 finalists in the five categories presented their company’s Best Practices as a case for selection to the jury on the eve of the Awards ceremony, followed by the Q&A session. After intense deliberation and debate, the jury members finally decided on the winners within each category.  Here we present a brief snapshot of Capgemini, the company which won TA League Award for having the best social media hiring in reaching out to a diverse talent pipeline.)

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