Article: Top 12 trends: Building employee careers - Raghavendra K.

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Top 12 trends: Building employee careers - Raghavendra K.

Raghavendra K, VP & Head-HR, Infosys BPO

Considering the new demand of talent today, the focus in 2012 will be more on talent development to enhance the self worth of employees. Employee retention will be a result of the extent to which companies are able to enhance the value of these individuals.

Eventually, companies will have to focus more on talent retention by focusing on the 3Cs (compensation, career and comfort) to ensure employees are eager to stay in the organization.

The focus of companies will also move to providing a holistic career to their employees and this will in turn change the talent management agenda. There will be an increasing role of career maps, focus on well-defined career metrics and other special initiatives, that have a long-term focus on growing individual careers through enhancement within the company.


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