Article: Building a high-retention culture in companies

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Building a high-retention culture in companies

Saagarika Rai, Chief People Officer, Reliance Big Entertainment

Organisations do a lot to attract talent, but today's talent expects much more than that


How is attracting & retaining the best talent relevant in today’s business context?

To succeed in today’s tough business environment, it is vital to ensure that our talents drive the business forward. It is therefore imperative for an organization to see through today’s competitive, challenging market and ensure that everyone understands and accepts employees as most important assets. Therefore there is a need to develop a leadership team that values employees and creates a culture of high productivity, job satisfaction, and innovation.

What are the factors that make an employer attractive today?

While there is no magical formula for attracting talent, the trick is to locate it and encourage it. Organisations do a lot to attract talent, but today’s talent expects much more than that. They require challenging assignments, recognition, enhanced growth and career opportunities along with continuous professional development and competitive pay.

What is the role of CEO, Senior Management, and HR team in this process?

Today most of us are facing a challenge of transforming a high-turnover culture into a high-retention culture. Retaining and motivating our talent requires special attention and the responsibility falls on the shoulders of all managers and supervisors, not only the CEO’s and HR.

Of course profile experience and brand value of the senior team certainly helps attracting and retaining talent but it is not the sole reason. It is essential to create a work environment where employees enjoy what they do and take pride in the mission of the organization.

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