Article: Delivering a connected experience through digital transformation

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Delivering a connected experience through digital transformation

How can HR leverage on digital transformation, what are its pre-requisites and what does the ABC model stands for when it comes to measuring the return on its investment.
Delivering a connected experience through digital transformation

The session of Arun Nathani – CEO and Managing Director of Cybage on day two of Tech HR 2018 began by reflecting the changes happening around in the corporate world. Today’s evolving world with new ways of doing business and managing workforce is changing rapidly with disruption and technology being a part of the change. The buzzword - digital transformation is changing job roles and has influenced the way we communicate and work. Such interaction between machines and people need to be leveraged correctly for greater success.  And organizations need to develop digital environments that can meet their workforce expectations and help them to progress in the right direction.

Various companies are moving forward with digital transformation at varying paces and experiencing different levels of success. Some are transforming many parts of their organizations while others are still doing only the basics. Others are encountering organizational issues or other challenges that prevent them from transforming successfully.

In cases which relates to employee motivation, productivity, engagement, rewards and recognition, the cost of digitization is fraction of the returns one gets from it. If organizations do not thrive on such digital transformations, somebody else may use it for better success. Hence, some of these pertinent questions arise such as:

•    Where does your organization stand when it comes to creating an internal digital transformation framework?
•    How are you responding to the changing digital needs and expectations of your employees?
•    How well is the digital vision for your establishment embedded in its policies and strategies?

Engagement, Exploration and Empowerment through ABC approach

Arun quickly introduced the audience with the three prerequisites of a digital system in reference to digitizing current Reward and Recognition program of an organization. He refered to the 3 E model: Engagement, Exploration and Empowerment. Technology innovators must use these 3 Es to empower employees by allowing them to choose the technology tool that best suits their needs.
However, one of the challenges that every HR leader faces is when it comes to justify the investment in the cost for implementing such technology. How can it give returns which can be easily measured? This can be validated by following Arun’s “ABC” approach:

 A stands for Automation

HR needs to derive the ROI of tech implementation through automation. This will in return help in marginalizing HR roles so that they better do what is meant from them rather than getting into the operational conundrum. This definitely helps in saving direct costs that can easily be measured.

B is the Benefit component

HR will have to apply innovation to leverage economies of scale by measuring financial benefits derived post tech implementation.

C refers to the Connect

Humongous amount of data is produced in an organization. Going digital enhances the controlling mechanism by connecting such wealth of data to test behavioral analytics within the workforce.

While summing up, Arun spoke about the four levers that must be looked into in order to ensure that your organization undergoes a successful digital transformation. Your Technology Platform for future should work by placing employees at the center of these levers:

•    ‘What’ does an employee want?
•    ‘Where’ does the employee want it?
•    ‘When’ does the employee want it?
•    ‘Who’ do they want it for?

Do seek answers to these 4 levers before you begin your journey on digital transformations for your workforce!

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