Article: TechHR India 2023: How to Think Out of the Box with Jimbo Clark

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TechHR India 2023: How to Think Out of the Box with Jimbo Clark

The Box activity was an opportunity for participants to learn how to challenge old thinking to come out with better and improved decisions.
TechHR India 2023: How to Think Out of the Box with Jimbo Clark

Think out of the box’ is a commonly used phrase when you are asked to share something new and innovative.  But you are never told what the box is, or how to think out of it.

Jimbo Clark, author and creator of TheB❒X, presented an innovative tool that has evolved into a global movement to encourage people to challenge old thinking. During the session, he explained that the box actually represents the unconscious thinking that protects us and help us make a quick decision.

The activity conducted by Jim in the experiential learning masterclasses at People Matters TechHR India 2023, held recently in Gurgaon, encouraged participants to think in, out, and beyond the limitations of their conventional patterns of thinking.  Participants thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the interactive session and learn the art of thinking in and out of the box.

The masterclass was a mixture of interactive activities, storytelling, self-reflection, discussions, personal sharing, mindfulness, and goal achievement.

The audience found the session highly engaging and innovative. They described it as a fun-filled introspective masterclass focused on the art of thinking inside and outside of the box. Participants were tasked to write, draw, tear, and wear the box on their heads and remove and improve their box

During the Box Breakthrough Challenge to build upon creative thinking, and problem-solving skills, uncover hidden patterns, and support conflict resolution, participants experienced increased interpersonal connection, and suffocation or under pressure, some felt better protected, had better decision-making abilities, and ability to think more precisely.

With the box on their heads, some of the participants felt as if they are under pressure. They felt it challenging to see and listen to others, uncomfortable, and risky.

Explaining the impact of the B❒X, Jim said that it is not about creativity, it is about mindset change to improve results. “We don't just think out of the box, we need to think into a better box by making conscious adjustments to our unconscious thinking,” said Jim.

He added that the activity is designed to deepen unconscious thinking, make people understand their abilities to look beyond the usual or traditional approaches to problem-solving, and consider alternative solutions or perspectives.

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