Article: When organizations do it right!

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When organizations do it right!

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Here is how organizations across industries are leveraging employee volunteering as a medium to fulfill their CSR as well as their employees engagement needs.
When organizations do it right!

Is your company interested in implementing an employee volunteering program but you are not sure which volunteering program will meet your business and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives and at the same time be fulfilling for your employees? 

Recently, People Matters in association with Goodera hosted a hands-on masterclass for HR Leaders on ‘Designing volunteering experiences for your workforce’. While the HR leaders deliberated on the impact of employee volunteering on employee engagement and business, Goodera shared few examples of how corporations across sectors are leveraging employee volunteering as a lever to accelerate the various aspects of the business. 

Here are some inspiring stories from such organizations to help you kickstart a great employee volunteering program:

  1. Objective: Enhance the employees’ learning and development

    Company: A large automobile company

    This company has leveraged employee volunteering as a tool to enhance the outcome of their leadership program. They adopted a skill-based volunteering program which helped the participants to volunteer for the causes utilizing their skills. In a leadership development program, employee volunteering can help the potential leaders to develop their competencies by demonstrating a commitment to corporate citizenship.

  2. Objective: New hire engagement and assimilation

    Company: A large airline company

    This organization has included employee volunteering as one of the practices in their employee induction program. They utilized volunteering as a part of their induction process which is aimed to introduce new employees to their culture of corporate social responsibility from the very outset. This not only provides a great employee experience but also serves as an excellent tool for building an excellent employer brand.

  3. Objective: Employee engagement and team building 

    Company:  A large IT-BPM organization

    There are times when employees spread across the regions of the same company don’t feel they are a part of the same organization. Employee engagement surrounding CSR is on the rise, and there are so many different ways that your company can devote time to a cause while making it into a bonding event as well. To inculcate the sense of belongingness and spirit of the team, the organization utilized a virtual employee volunteering program where every employee came together to volunteer for a single cause.

  4. Objective: Employee emotional well-being

    Company: A large e-commerce company

    According to a report, it was found that millennials report suffering from depression more than previous generations, and this is impacting their abilities to lead and succeed in the workplace.

    This organization adopted employee volunteering as a measure to improve the employees’ emotional quotient and well-being. The volunteering enabled the millennials at the workplace to spend time with kids, elderly people, teaching and spending time on various causes which impacted their emotional well-being.

  5. Objective: Amplified employee connect

    Company: A large automobile company

    One of the aspects of employee engagement that is often overlooked is getting your workforce to invest emotionally in your company.

    This company organized a campaign based volunteering program, where the company decided on the timelines, cause to support and got each employee-factory managers and employees to volunteer together. The objective of the organization behind the volunteering campaign was to amplify employee connect. Today’s workers desire to give back to their community. If you’re offering that as part of your company culture, they’ll be forever grateful to you for providing a channel for their prosocial thirst.

  6. Objective:  Consumer brand building

    Company: A large BFSI organization

    You might be spending a significant amount of time and budget on branding your business with taglines, logos, videos, images, etc. through offline and online mediums. Ever thought about how having a society-oriented attitude can help your business stand out in the marketplace?

    This organization implemented a volunteering program where each branch has a voluntary program to serve a community in their respective regions. This gives an opportunity to the bank to engage with the local community where they operate in and hence, build a brand for themselves. 

To know more about designing and implementing, follow #EmployeeVolunteering and stay tuned for more articles, case studies, and videos.

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