Article: Importance of effective communication in retaining employees

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Importance of effective communication in retaining employees

Proper communication helps the organisation in gaining insights regarding the employees feelings towards the work culture, clients as well as colleagues.
Importance of effective communication in retaining employees

In a booming economy such as that of India, retaining employees is crucial for any organization as the investment is high. With increase in competition and the availability of multiple opportunities, it is believed that employees are increasingly becoming less patient and more prone to switching jobs. This trend is detrimental for an organization, especially in the competitive world of IT as the costs of employee turnover are high. Retaining senior managers/directors has become challenge in last couple of years.

Therefore, communication and motivation are two crucial aspects which help in assuring employees and to encourage them to work in an environment which is friendly and nurturing. Improving confidence and trust in leadership, opening new doors for learning opportunities and help in improving managerial skills are very important. These can be achieved by strong internal communication, organising seminars or workshops giving opportunities to the employees to communicate with various industry veterans and enhance their skill-set.

Effective communication will help in developing confidence in employees in the ability of the top leaders to motivate and guide them in today’s dynamic business environment. Any employee’s relationship is very important for their retention as the ease with which one can share problems with their immediate supervisor is crucial for each employee.

Conversation around personal and professional development will make it easier for employees to confide and open up to their senior leadership and will also give a perspective to the organisation regarding the employee’s future plans regarding the organisation.

Proper communication helps the organisation in gaining insights regarding the employee’s feelings towards the work culture, clients as well as colleagues.  Regular two-way communication is crucial and effective and sensitive communications plan can go a long way in increasing the morale of the employees and understanding their problems. This will make the employees feel as a part of the organisation and will not consider themselves as a separate entity. When employees aren't privy to information they believe will help them perform their job duties or are kept in the dark about organizational changes, they can feel that the employer doesn't value them enough to share critical information.

Some ways to increase the communication lines between employees and the organisation is by scheduling regular staff meetings, encouraging supervisors and managers to routinely provide constructive feedback and compliment employees on their work and publishing a company newsletter are ways to create an employer-employee communication paths.

Hence it goes without saying that employees are the foundation of any organisation and are extremely crucial for the proper functioning of any organisation as well as for the achievement of business goals. Effective two-way communication is therefore the heart of employee retention and paves the way for higher employee morale, promotes trust and confidence in leadership and helps in the overall satisfaction and performance of employees.

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